English Language Committee

Heads of the English Language Committee & Committee Co-ordinators

Samuel Buggeln, translator (French-English, Spanish-English) and director, Ithaca NY

Nina Brazier, stage director (English-German), Frankfurt 

The 2021 English-language Eurodram selections were made by the following theatre professionals from across the English speaking world. If you would like to be a part of the Eurodram English-language reading committee in subsequent years, please email eurodram.english@gmail.com with “reading committee” in the subject line, attaching your theater resume and a sentence or two about your interest in international theater.

Committee Members
Melanie Armer, director, New York City

Lianne Arnold, theater media and projections designer, New York City

Jorge Balça, theatre/opera director, academic and translator (English-Portuguese), London

Jake Beckhard, director, New York City

Sadie Berlin, director and artistic director, Toronto

Susannah Berryman, actor and acting teacher, Ithaca NY

Neil Blackadder, translator (French-English and German-English), Chicago

Eric Brooks, actor, Ithaca NY

Anne-Marie Bucquet, retired teacher and translator (English-French/French-English/Albanian-French), Paris

Helen Clark, actor, Storrs CT

Fred Dalmasso, theatre academic and translator (French-English)

Melissa Dunne, theatre director and dramaturg, London

David Furlong, theatre director and actor, London

Dominic Glynn, academic, dramaturg and translator (French-English), London

Charlie Gobbett, translator (French-English) and actor, Cheshire UK

Dr. Sarah Grochala, playwright and academic, London

Hillary Keegin, actor and director, Paris

Wayne Maugans, director, New York City

Emma Pallant, actor, London

Dr. Nathalie Rivere de Carles, Professor, Toulouse

Aaron Schloff, playwright and dramaturg, New York City

Hakan Silahsizoglu, translator (English-Turkish/Turkish-English), festival director and producer, London/Istanbul

Erica Steinhagen, actor, Ithaca NY

David Studwell, actor, Ithaca NY

Amoreena Wade, actor, Ithaca NY

Drew Weinstein, director, New York City

Ted Witzel, director, Toronto